Moving Cinema – Pushkar Camer Fair Edition

We at RebelUp! Soundclash are proud to have presented a moving cinema project. The first edition is about the Camel Fair in Pushkar, India. The first screening was at RebelUp in the OCCII last saterday, the 29th. Seb and I were improvising live -Seb as a DJ with audio and me as a VJ with video- on a running track we edited.

What is Moving Cinema? Moving Cinema is a term coined by Seb to describe the collaboration of live image and sound in a cinematographic way. In our case it is a mix between a documentary and a music video that has a very dream like cinematographic quality to it. It is a live experience! But we hope to make a DVD version of it as well.

The session lasted for an hour, but it felt much shorter. Mixing audio and video live really brings the footage to live and brings a dreamy quality at times. The reaction of the audience was amazing; we really felt inspired to continue with this and bring out many more editions.

About the Pushkar Camel Fair: the Pushkar Camel Fair is a yearly Camel Fair in Pushkar Rajastan. In this desert area 10ths of thousands camels come together with their owners to be traded off. The event lasts for four weeks and there is a festival along side it. There is a carnaval, there are tourist attractions, there is a Mela (festival ground with live performances from all over India) and there are traditional musicians wandering around playing for money. The fair ends in religious all night praying sessions, expressed with singing and live music.

Seb and I headed out to record folk musians and went to the fair hoping to catch a few. We stayed the whole four weeks to get to know the place and the people. We sure did meet a few musicians and we recorded a lot. After Pushkar we continued traveling through northern India for two more month together, recording more mucisians elsewhere.

Pushkar The Camel Fair is our first Moving Cinema project coming out of that trip. More will follow: a Rajasthan Edition and a Punjab -India and Pakisthan!- are in the making.

We will be having more Moving Cinema Editions at RebelUp Soundclash and hopefully else where.

We will post a clip here soon.

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