Look uppa here!

…..and so it begins.

Saturday 17th of March, we will hold our 1st Rebel Up! Soundclash party at OCCII Amsterdam, which shall be our adopted base from now on. Hopefully bi-monthly.

It will kick off at 22:30 and will go on till late. Doors close at 4ish. The damage is 4 euro’s but if you come in before 23:30 it’s free in, though as profits will go to an earnest charity it would be great to make a donation instead. We leave people free in this choice, willfully and unrestricted.

The charity still has to be decided but if any of you fellow nomads and sympathizers know about a good social cause through your global perception, please leave a comment or contact us at Rebel Up! Speaking. Any recommendation is really appreciated and anticipated!

The flyer is arriving, steadily rolling from the presses as we speak and voila, result! -click click click to see full size-

Watch this space during the next 10 days. A mishmash ratatouille of songs, dances and stomps will soon appear to lift your spirits and to be taken into your own travel bag through empee’s downloads. It’s all out there really; strolling through the neverending mazes of global music, tucked-away, old and new alike, lurking to be discovered.

A bientot, hasta luego, bis bald, ate logo, tot snel……

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