Friday 6 april > Rebel Up Duckfood @ Skyskg night w/ Sugai Ken (JP), Yasuo Sugibayashi (JP) & Kink Gong (FR), De Player, Rotterdam

SKYSKG night


All eyes and ears on East Asia: listen to cutting edge electronica created around Tokyo’s dense urban sprawl by two different generations of Japanese artists; Sugai Ken and Japanese electronic music pioneer Yasuo Sugibayashi. DIY music ethnographer Laurent Jeanneau will present deconstructed Chinese pop songs as Kink Gong.

Sugai Ken is an electronica artist from Kanagawa, a coastal prefecture just outside of Tokyo. Over the course of his now decade-long career, he has refined his deeply resonant and enveloping world of sound. Using a synthesis of traditional Japanese instrumentation and field recordings, Sugai Ken composes hypnotic ambient pieces that conjure the subtle and profound ambience of a night in Japan. He followed up his “鯰上 – On The Quakefish” 2016 release on the Amsterdam-based Lullabies For Insomniacs with his fifth studio album “UkabazUmorezU (不浮不埋)” last year on the leading label RVNG Intl.

Yasuo Sugibayashi is one of the early Japanese electronic music pioneers. After moving to Tokyo in 1980, Yasuo joined various musical groups and founded the short-lived Mimic Records which was home to three of his solo releases. Inspired heavily by the art movements of the late 1970s and the innovations of Brian Eno and David Cunningham in particular, he purchased a Roland System 100M in search his own sound. Around the same time he started experimenting with tape and the tactility of the medium. Yasuo’s oeuvre enjoys a renewed interest and his releases are much sought after by collectors all around the world.

DIY music ethnographer Laurent Jeanneau has been recording the music, songs and rituals of ethnic minorities in Southeast Asia since 1999. The recordings of these cultures who are threatened by modernisation are compiled into an ever-growing sound and video archive, which are mostly published on his private press label Kink Gong Records. In addition to his relentless pursuit, Jeanneau uses these recordings (which focus mostly on vocal and percussion music) as the starting point for his own emotionally-charged electronic experiments. In these compositions, the traditions and avant-gardes of a diverse range of places merge into new, contemporary statements. At DE PLAYER Laurent will present decontructed Chinese pop songs, which are documented on a new record due to be released on the Discrepant label.

■ DUCKFOOD (NL | Rebel Up / Pantropical)
Duckfood’s awe-inspiring music collection absorbs anything from Renaissance to Moroccan trance. His DJ selections are colourful and not preoccupied by knee-jerk pigeonholing.
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Fri 6 April | open: 20:00 | start: 20:30
location: DE PLAYER – Hillelaan 49-d, Rotterdam | Admission: €8,-