Friday 25th of May, Rebel Up! Soundclash party, our world turns to Rwanda this time!

Rebel Up Soundclash! #3. -We keep it going!!-

The chosen charity for friday the 25th is the Igitego Inyange project in Rwanda. This project has been initiated a few years ago by the Rwandese Anathalie Mukundwa and the Belgian VSO worker Vincent Thiry, to help a village in the poor Gahanda village region developing themselves in as many ways possible.

Their aim:
– To provide secundary education and arrange funds for university.
– Access to medical care for all , by paying insurance and visits at the doctor. A doctor has already been appointed to the village through donations.
– To build a centre in the town in the near future. This centre will serve as a medical and social centre and at the same time it provides the locals space to store, display and produce their handcrafts. Also tourist accomodation will be built to attract western visitors, so that locals can earn their livelihood through social tourism, without the intervention of package holiday agencies.

Please take a look at the Igitego Inyange website.
Below some impressions of Gahanda and the project.

map of Rwanda

the amount of children that are now able to go to school

the village

the future centre plan

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