Emergency donation call for famine in the Horn of Africa

With the heavy famine that is waging in the horn of Africa right now, we would like to raise emergency funds at the end of our Rebel Up! set at Sfinks. We hope that everyone can donate whatever they can spare and all the proceeding will go to the NGO Seed Sambura in Kenya.

samburu district map

A few weeks ago, the UN World Food programma suddenly decided to stop sending food reliefs to the tribal region of Central Sambura where the Samburu people live (a pastoral-nomadic tribe related to the Masai) and instead all food now goes to the refugee camps. It’s an unthinkable decision that the UN turns their back the Samburu starve and for that we boo the UN! Now all the educational progress that has been made in the last few years by NGO’s like Seed Samburu has been swooped away because without food, there is no education. Just 10 euro’s will already feed a Samburu child at school for a full month. Please give the Samburu kids a meal a day so that their education can continue!

queue for food at primary school

If you are in Holland, you can donate through this Edukans link or if you are elsewhere in the world, check the Seed Samburu site.
For those in Belgium, please donate to the account of Belgian Edukans worker Miet Chielens, BE45-0013-3761-9589 attn SCHOOLMAALTIJD-REPAS SCOLAIRE-SCHOOL MEAL

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