Some site troubles; fixed

I had a bit of a scare last week when I found a sneaky hacker inserted some code on the Rebel Up website. I don’t know if any of you dear visitors have seen any of it, but sometimes visiting the site a warning popped up claiming your computer needed to be scanned for viruses. It’s called ‘Advanced XP Defender’ or ‘XP SecurityCenter’; totally bogus software that gives totally bogus warnings that try to cheat unsuspecting surfers out of money after fake virus scans.

I don’t suspect anybody went and bought anything, thinking that the Rebel Up crowed is not fooled easily, but a malicious hack like that is really annoying. After some googling and cleaning and putting up some more defenses I think the site is save again. I hope nobody was inconvenienced by this.

Here is some more info about the ‘Advanced XP Defender/ XP SecurityCenter’ and how to remove it if you have it on your computer: