31 Jan – 3 Feb > Scopitone IFFR

During the International Film Festival Rotterdam the love for film and music comes together in de Schouwburg. A different music documentary and musical experience every day. Sandwich Island / Pantropical takes care for the following evenings, in collaboration with IFFR:

Sunday 31 januari – w/ ‘Roaring Abyss’:


Rotterdam based Afework Nigussie is a versatile musician / singer from Gondar (north of Ethiopia). His solo set emulates his personal allegorical history of that of an ‘Azmari’, a type of Ethiopian bard who embodies the freedom of speech in Ethiopia by singing provocative, humoristic and often improvised verses set to music. He frequently collaborates with Dutch post-punk mainstays THE EX.

Monday 1 February – w/ ‘Waiting for B’:


MelodyMelody (aka DJ DØG) mixes the most diverse styles, often pushing in styles known for its “bad taste”. He plays music produced in the global peripheries, with a focus on the Latin American context and extending to other Portuguese/Spanish speaking countries. Despite the love for raw northern Brazilian rythms such as Lambada, and Carimbo, Calypso and Cumbia will also be there to meet Tecnomelody, Dembow, Pagotek, Afro House, Tarraxa, Kuduro and, eventually, Funk Carioca, Juke and Ghetto House. Just don’t call it all Global Bass.


dinsdag 2 februari – w/ ‘The Jazz Loft According to W. Eugene Smith’:


Costa Ernsting is a jazz/improvisation duo that operates from Rotterdam. Hugo Costa and Philipp Ensting’s music is created in and from the moment, resulting in a fine blend that can be both slightly noisy, sometimes melodic and subtle. Both musicians are skilled and very empathetic players who enjoy exploring the interplay and space between pure rhythm, lyricism and harmony. The music is intended to always move forward and surprise.

woensdag 3 februari:

DJ’s DUCKFOOD & SAXIXA (nl/de | rebel up!, pantropical)

Tonight’s party music supply will be in the hands of these two. Duckfood defies categorization. His selections are too colourful to be hampered by any preoccupation about genre. Always on the search for new sounds from around the globe, his massive music collection absorbs anything from renaissance to Moroccan trance. This description also roughly applies to Saxixa; initator of the renowned Pantropical party series for non-western, pantropical music galore, and promoter of various music related events in Rotterdam and beyond.