Satanique Samba Trio – Forrivel


Satanique Samba Trio – Forrivel (RUP020)
Brazilian free jazz, forro, giallo spheres and horror synths for Halloween / Dia das Bruxas in short compositions.

Released on 31 October
Digital only, only available via our Bandcamp page. 4€


After 10 albums dedicated to the aesthetical disassembling of Brazilian music’s most recurrent clichés, Satanique Samba Trio aims its ongoing research at a new formula for musical fuckery: the artificial combination between forró, the popular Brazilian groovy rhythm and horror synth, the not-so-popular music genre extracted from old keyboard-ridden horror film scores.

Think of what would happen if the most syncopated of all Brazilian folk rhythms incorporated giallo soundtrack tropes. Mathematically speaking, forró + horror synth = forrór synth. And that is where Forrível is coming from. Especially done for Halloween (Dia das Bruxas, witches day in Brazil)

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