rebel up camel
“Sounds from the Global Underground”

A night of global and political culture mash of global sounds straight-up old skool roots, Arabic roughness, amplified African rhythms, Latino cuts, Asian psychedelica, Balkanized mestizo and gritty electronics. The cultural diaspora does not need to be defined by borders and our music is free, varied and up to date in one roundtripping global sound!


Started in the beginning 2007 by Seb Bassleer aka SebCatLitter, the idea of RebelUp! Soundclash was to bring more diverse global styles and potentially more raw and organic sounds to the dance floor out of the big musical biotope that our world has to offer. Instead of dancing to the same well known tunes over and over we at RebelUp! offer a podium to discover unsuspected sounds, feelings and expressions.

The core team consists of dj’s Seb Bassleer (SebCat / BE), Bram de Cock (LeBlanc / BE) and Robert Kroos (Duckfood / NL), and occasionally aided by dj’s Pascal Milard (Palm M / FR), Rik Adriaans (Otarik / NL), vj’s Maarten van der Glas aka VJ M (NL) and Vj Alerta (CL/NL) and the designers Jet van Zwieten, Vanessa Verbeiren & Nadia, bringing you the utopia of musical & visual diversity and cultural expressivity.

We invite artist from all over the world to play with us and bring our audience to new heights.
It all started in 2007 in the alternative OCCII venue, Amsterdam, with programmer Sjoerd Stolk in particular and also all the volunteers, has been very supportive right from the beginning. The result was our own Rebel Up! Soundclash nights which are still going and attached to the non-profit idea of raising funds for independent charities and NGO projects.


So far we have had a lot of happy people on our memorable nights, freely dancing in ways we could not have imagined, with top artist from around the world from the world of experimental global music.

* Diaspora: the dispersion or spreading of something that was originally localized (as a people or language or culture), any group outside it’s traditional homeland.


email: info [at] rebelup [dot] org or rebeluppa [at] gmail [dot] com


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