sun 27 aug > Rebel Up @ Fiesta Latina Festival, Bxl

more Rebel Up latino action in Brussels!

on sunday evening, Rebel Up will play @ Fiesta Latino festival in Bois de la Cambre (Ixelles).

The festival starts on friday 25th and runs until 27th, where we will play at the closing night alongside the band Forro Mior, DJ Odilonn & Vincent Thekal and our buddy Rafael Aragon. on friday & saturday, our friends of Memo Pimiento, Kumbia Boruka, Arumbo and DJ Funky Bompa will play too!

for all info & tickets, see website or FB event.
see you around

Wed 8 May: Nightshop party w/ Meridian Brothers (CO), Capitol K (UK), Hugo Menzes (Sofrito), Funky Bompa & The Wild, support by Rebel Up! Leblanc

RU Meridian

NIGHTSHOP PARTY !MERIDIAN BROTHERS, straight from Colombia, are ready to bring their mischievous blend of Latin rhythms and psychedelic grooves to Belgium for the first time. Straddling the line between new and old, this quintet is the creation of Eblis Álvarez, one of the key figures of the experimental music scene in Bogota. A true avant-garde guitar player and composer he also plays in Mario Galeano’s band Frente Cumbiero and was involved in the recording of Ondatrópica. In September 2012 Soundway Records released his album ‘Desperanza’ that features ‘Guaracha U.F.O’, recently selected by Gilles Peterson as his #1 track of 2012. K aka Kristian Craig Robinson has traversed a spectrum of electronic aesthetics throughout 13 years and 5 albums with releases on Planet Mu, XL & Faith & Industry. His 6th album Andean Dub from 2012 is an experimental cumbia masterpiece, influenced by a long road trip through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

HUGO MENDEZ‘ dj style is a unique blend of African, Caribbean and Latin rhythms – a percussive explosion that includes heavy Afro grooves, old school mambo, tropical disco, bouncing samba, calypso funk and heavy cumbia, bringing vintage styles up to date with exclusive dubplate edits and a contemporary club slant.
After some digging trips across the Caribbean, he has put together several top albums for leading record labels, like Strut, Jazzman, Soundway and Nascente. Hugo also produces the cult Rhythmagic Orchestra project with Nostalgia 77, runs the Sofrito Specials label and makes the tropical selections for 22Tracks in Paris. BOMPA & THE WILD are tropical music heavy weights from Brussels, crate diggers and vinyl collectors of all things funky, groovy and tropical, from Africa, the Carribean and Latin-America. Mostly old, dusty and rare sounds from a variety of styles like boogaloo, cumbia, calypso, afro funk, tipica, merengue etc. resident & Nightshop Party co-programmer DJ LEBLANC (Rebel Up! collective) will throw a special opening set of Mexican cumbia sonidera, so get in early for an immersion in the suburban vibes of Puebla, DF & Monterreyyyyyyy…

5 euro before midnight, 8 euro after!
@ Recyclart, Bxl >

2 Brussels nights coming up; thu 21st. july Rebel Up! Soundclash #4 @ Recyclart & fri 22nd july dj @ Bxl-Les-Bains/Brussel Bad

hah, it’s Belgian national holiday time this thursday, where every Belgian feels very proud of being a Belgian, ahum. and what will we do? play some non-western global music, yeah!
This 4th Rebel Up! night in Brussels will take us to another dimension; that of the internet and streaming music clips from far away parts of the world. Youtube a go go.

The music video/dvd/clip is currently thé most versatile medium in Africa, Asia and South America to spread music and culture. The growing access to internet in these part of the world has made it possible that more and more of these music clips find their way on Youtube so that even people here in the West can look and listen to music and artists from all corners of the world. The Rebel Up! dj`s will play a personal Youtube selection of unknown lo-fi pop, digital folk psyche clips straight out of this neverending treasure cave, all projected on a big screen (inside & outside) and in full sound.

Loyal to the Rebel Up! philosophy, this night is a fundraiser for a local, independent NGO: the Brussels foundation Les Petits Samurais, that offers basic help to children from immigrants who are without papers and without assured accomodation. The organisation will give a short presentation during this evening.

See full programme in detail on the Recyclart site or check our facebook event.

19:00 > 22:00
(Darcyr & Leblanc, Sebcat, Quilombo, Lowdjo)
22:00 > 23:00
film selection PERISCOPE #3 by
La Vidéothèque Nomade

23:00 > 01:00


global lo fi & folkpop psyche youtube night
Bar Recyclart – gratis

and on friday, more music follows.

Rebel Up! dj SebCat will join Funky Bompa at the temporary beach of Bxl-Les-Bains/Brussel Bad on the Akenkaai/Quai des Peniches.  From 17:00 till 23:00h we’ll spin tropical vintage tunes from afro & latino spheres in the La Croisetteke tent (handy for if it should rain!). and yup, it’s free in as well.

See the BLB-BB site or check the facebook event.