Lost iPhone @ OCCII last saturday

Hi all,

Thanks for coming out last saturday!
It was a mighty fine busy night with a super heavy live set by Maga Bo and Bnegão.

Maga Bo is seriously hungover, not from sodapops, but from losing his brand new iPhone. He just had it since a week ago and bought it on his tour down under in Oz.
We hope that someone found it on the dancefloor or at the bar. Please let us know earnestly if you have found it.

It’s nasty to think, but it might have been stolen. For now it seems to point that way as Bo left his phone upstairs at the OCCII for a lil’ while, lil’ enough for a pesky thief to strike its luck (truly bad karma on you!).
It truly would be a sad day to realise that our artist’s belongings are not even safe in the swell OCCII, bah 🙁

well, let’s hope for the best.
please mail us @ rebeluppa-at-gmail dot com

update on Somaliland charity

We have gotten some more info about the charity in Somaliland. The organisation does not have a website yet and they solely depend on personal support for the time being. Unfortunately we can also not name the peaceful organisation, as that might get them into trouble since their proect in Somaliland has been terminated by the UN and condemned by the militant groups. It’s best not to risk their safety in both ways.

Our friend also insisted if we could help the 8 Somali staff employees that were part of her project and which they had to leave behind in Hargeisa. They have been unemployed since and all have families to feed. One of employee is even in the hospital. For this critical reason, any help we can give is very much appreciated.

We want to split the money evenly so that both the organisation as well as the unemployed staff can be aided.

Some more information about 1st organisation (*names are changed for security reasons)

GUD* is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit making national organization. The organization was formally founded in November 2007 with the technical and financial support of Somaliland intellectuals and traditional leaders who were, and still are, fully engaged on peace building, conflict resolution and promotion of human rights. The founders and top management team were engaged on similar activities since 2003 in their earlier capacities in another LNGO (HS LNGO) which they separated themselves from during the last quarter of 2007 as they established GUD.

They initiated the launching of the Advocacy program of Human Rights, Peace and Environment focused on the Somali Customary Law (Xeer) with direct involvement of the grass root traditional leaders as the major agents of change to amend the harmful customary codes and put them in alignment with the international human rights standards. After the initial successes of the Advocacy program in the Togdheer region and the replication of the experience in Hargeisa region they established a professional local NGO to keep the programma alive.
In establishing Hornpeace this deficit was sought addressed by opening a conduit for the traditional system and international organizations to work together on a broad specter of issues. These issues were being ignored by other international organizations operating in Somaliland. They have various branches in different regions and are looking to more progress in the Somaliland peace cause.

Rebel Up! Soundclash #9, Friday 21st of December

Hi all,

Just before the holidays there will be a winter solstice Rebel Up! party, with a generous banquet of musical dishes to fill the tummies. From Amaterasu, Beiwe and Choimus to Yule, Zagmuk and Ziemassvētki, cultures and religions all over the world celebrate the shortest day and onset of the new astronomical year. This year we may humbly add ourselves to this list, as our next party takes place on Friday the 21st of December!

Thanks to everyone who came to the last edition, which was a very cozy and crowded one for sure, with very playful and psychedelic visuals and an exotic hodgepodge of rougher world music. Unfortunately we were enjoying the party a little too much ourselves to consequently ask people for the entrance fee. We ended up only receiving half of what we expected for the Casa Amazonia charity, which is why we will donate profits to them again this time.

Here’s the info bit for next Friday:

Friday, 21st of December @ OCCII, Amsterdam
( http://www.occii.org/)
Amstelveenseweg 134 (tram #1 (stop Overtoomsesluis) or #2)
doors open 22:30 till late, free in before 23:30, 4 Euro fee after.

Rebel Up! Soundclash (#9)
Diasporic sounds from the global underground…..
a global culture mashup of rougher world music and visuals,
(in ways of Mestiza and Gypsy beats, old skool Roots, roughness from Africa, Arabia & Asia, Latino funk and gritty electronics.)
Rebel Up! is played by various Dj’s…. all armed with a musical manifesto.

Please forward this to your interested friends, family, and network buddies, through word of mouth, digitally and so on. we hope to see you there! 🙂

Rebel Up! Soundclash #8, saturday 24th of November

Hi there,

Thanks to everyone who made the last Rebel Up! party such a big success, especially to Malorix for his wonderful broken world beats, and to Roberto, the humanoid in sheep’s clothes, for his tastefully eclectic selection of well-spiced tunes.

Our resident nomads Seb and Maarten have left for their music documentation project in India, and so the torch has been passed to the next band of rootless bricoleurs passing by. Some of the tunes collected by the India-wallahs will be audible on the next Rebel Up, which will take place on Saturday the 24th of November. To alleviate the pains of autumn rains, we will once again be weaving our multifarious web of sounds and imagery, the transcultural tapestry integrating elements from North Pole to Equator to South Pole … migratory sounds to be enjoyed under the warm and comfy OCCII roof.

As always, all profits will be donated to charity. We got a good amount of donations for Tamsarya project in Nepal last time, and this time we choose a project for the poor in South America with the association Casa Amazonia to help them open new classes for children in Guayaquil, Ecuador. (For more details you can check their website at www.casaamazonia.com.)

Here’s the practical info-bit:

Saturday, 24th of November @ OCCII, Amsterdam
Amstelveenseweg 134 (tram #1 (stop Overtoomsesluis) or #2)
doors open 22:30 till late, free in before 23:30, 4 Euro fee after.

Rebel Up! Soundclash (#8)
Diasporic sounds from the global underground…..
a global culture mashup of rougher world music and visuals,
(in ways of Southern European Mestiza and Gypsy beats, old skool Roots and further styles from Africa, Arabia & Asia plus gritty electronics.)

Please forward this to your interested friends, family, and network buddies, through word of mouth, digitally and so on. we hope to see you there! 🙂

Tamsarya project and warm autumn sounds!

Hey all,

On saturday we will donate the profits and collected money to Stichting Tamsarya. This organisation for Nepal has been shaped bya caring dutch woman over 10 years ago after she passed the region on bicycle and now has formed into a solid foundation, aimed to help the inland people of the mountain area of central Nepal. Huge mountain ridges and deep valleys make this region very inaccessible and therefore neglected by the state.

Many projects have already been succesfully completed or are still running smoothly. Money is ofcourse always needed to inject more funds into current projects or start new ones. Perhaps we can make it possible that more children from poor villages get education in better conditions. There is a school project that needs funding as the school has a lack of decent commodities while the pupils have to wade in ankle deep water. Repairs and renovations are already in the making, but our role here is to raise funds for school uniforms and supplies for the children. We hope to collect a fair sum to make this happen…and beyond. Do read more at www.tamsarya.nl

here some photo’s to give an impression:

Below, as always, some warm pre sounds to warm up the ears…

Unknown Artist – Unknown Song (Sublime Frequencies: Folk and Pop sounds of Sumatra vol1)
Ni Ni Win Shwe – My Darling’s Love Arrow (SF: Folk and Pop sounds of Myanmar/Birma vol1)
Judge Dread – Wine or Grind
Sobanza Mimanise – Kiwembo (V/A – Congotronics #2 Urb’n’ Rumble)
Goran Bregovic – Kalasnjikov (OST Underground)

see you, soon.