Saturday 18th of December: Rebel Up! Soundclash with DJ Zerkalo, Rebel Up! DJs & Process Rebel @ OCCII

Merry Chocolate Party to you all, gals and guys,

May your inspirations for 2011 be filled with true love and the will to do good. Well, if you did that already in 2010, you can search for new occupations then. I don’t know, save a boat that kills dolphins, attend Surinamese class, find a pet to your pets. Do something for your life. At least I know something you could do this Saturday. It’s meant to stimulate the heart and achieve a perfect body shape and pure feeling. It prepares you for the harshness of liver attacks for the next few weeks. By coming you’ll be forgetting all the horrors and fear to come. At least between 22.30 and 4.00.

We decided to have a fused menu this end of year 2010, that’s been fruitful in emotions and wild guests. Ours this time is an insider somehow, from the Netherlands, here is

DJ ZERKALO. He uses a rocket to transport you from Thailand to Haïti, some echoes of Columbia y Cuba, no transit and straight to Africa. You can tell he loves this continent with all its grooviness and rough rhythms. He’s searching deep in our planet jukebox, just the way we do.

REBEL UP! DJs. The Good Belgian, The Ugly French and the Baddass Dutch reunited as in the days of old. The Triumvirate will be severe and strict in one point, making you argue all night long, what you just heard, where could it come from and how the hell someone could produce such craze.

PROCESS REBEL. If Seattle, San Francisco and Amsterdam had something in common, that would be him. Our mad banana lover. Not only has he been living in those three cities but he’s got that uncompromising style from Seattle, the cool attitude of SF and the cosmoEuropolparty understanding of A’dam. He will process you into his tough bass blood and new funk selection. Keep some strength for that one.

VJ M is back to give our optical organs a well-deserved massage. He’ll bring along a big box of sublime cultureclashing visuals that will awaken your third eye while gently tickling your skin with photon bombs.

After that, we go to bed satisfied and ready for more in 2011.

Our charity funds will go this time for Warriors Without Weapons, an organisation that develops goodwill projects to conceive and realize especially in Africa. Alejandra from WWW will come with her shaker to sell you the best cocktails and raise more money for the cause. Seek for more info :

Have good ones

Saturday 18th of December @ OCCII





doors: 22.30 – 04.00 – Amstelveenseweg 134 (Tram 1 or 2) –

Saturday 27th of November: Rebel Up! Soundclash with Awesome Tapes From Africa & Process Rebel @ OCCII

Hey all,

As winter slowly approaches our northern hemisphere, Rebel Up! brings you a fresh harvest of all the warmest sounds our sonic biotope has to offer on either side of the equator.

This month’s edition will feature a special DJ set from Brooklyn’s Brian Shimkovitz a.k.a. Awesome Tapes From Africa. After researching the local hip-hop movement in Ghana he’s accumulated hundreds of cassette tapes of rare African music from Zimbabwe to Ethiopia to Senegal. He has been sharing his bounty through his immensely popular blog, and now on the road as a DJ.  Expect a highly explosive and danceable trip to the amazing music cultures of an entire continent!

Also from the US is Process Rebel with his nextstep fusion of bass music that traverses the electronic music diaspora with a lean towards dub, dubstep, post-dancehall and global ghetto tech.

Our nomad Rebel Up! DJs and VJ will follow a varied audiovisual trail, trespassing the borders between musical genres by bringing together elements from the furthest terrestrial realms and digital corners into an ethnopsychedelic potpourri that is as rooted in tribal sensibilities as it is in the labyrinthine urban jungles of the information age.

Since we almost didn’t collect any money for the good cause last time, the charity for this edition will again be Stichting Mopti, an organization active in the poorest parts of rural Mali. With its gardening and horticulture projects for women, Mopti aims to support basic subsistence needs independent of market fluctuations and promote the self-organization of women. More info can be found on their website:

doors: 22:30 – 04:00
OCCII, Amsterdam
Amstelveenseweg 134
from CS, take tram 1 (Overtoomsesluis) or 2 (A’veenseweg)

6 Euro fee. ~Profit goes to charity~!

Saturday 30th of October: Rebel Up! Soundclash with Issa Bagayogo (Mali) & Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp (CH) @ OCCII

Hi all,

After a long summer break we’re finally back with a very special line-up to celebrate the start of a new Rebel Up! season in the renovated OCCII.

We are honoured to welcome Issa Bagayogo from Bamako, Mali. He has been nicknamed ‘Techno-Issa’ in his homeland for the unique way in which he combines his mastery of the kamale n’goni, a traditional string instrument, with an inventive use of electronics. After releasing 4 critically acclaimed albums, this former Bamako bus driver will mesmerize the Rebel Up! dancefloor with his distinctive dusky-toned voice, entrancing n’goni sounds and groovy electronic accompaniments.

Described as an ‘Afrodelic agit-skronk surrealist sextet’ and “The Ex crossed with Fela Kuti”, the Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp from Geneva, Switzerland, mixes the dadaism of their French artist-namegiver with an eclectic range of influences from African music, performed with a postpunk sensibility on trombone, marimba, fiddle, guitar, drums and double-bass.

As always, our resident Rebel Up! DJs will knit the night together with an eclectic patchwork of globetrotting sounds. The red thread of the evening will run through the whole African continent with an assortment of colourful musical fabrics ranging from Saharan desert blues and West African highlife and afrobeat, to electronic folk-pop styles from South Africa to Cabo Verde.

The charity for this edition will be Stichting Mopti, an organization active in the poorest parts of rural Mali. With its gardening and horticulture projects for women, Mopti aims to support basic subsistence needs independent of market fluctuations and promote the self-organization of women. More info can be found on their website:

doors: 22:00 – 04:00
OCCII, Amsterdam
Amstelveenseweg 134
from CS, take tram 1 (Overtoomsesluis) or 2 (A’veenseweg)

6 Euro fee. ~Profit goes to charity~!

Rebel Up! Documentary showing in Brussels :: 8 july @ Recyclart


20:00> 10:00 p.m. REBEL UP DJs

Tirelessly hopping from continent to continent is the driving force behind the Rebel Up DJs  for this evening to stop at the rich musical traditions of India. There is more than just music in India and Bollywood spiritual ragas, so expect a mix of tough street music and alternative strident disco folk from all over India by Rebel Up! DJs.

22:00> 11:00 p.m. Cinemusik (outdoor film projection):

22:00> 10:15 p.m. Documentary about the arganisation Telluris helping the people in Jharkhand.

The Belgian aid organization Telluris helps Munda tribes establish their own ecological projects in the forests of Jharkhand in north India. Because this Rebel Up! evening is free, we hope to raise money for Telluris, so do a donation in the pot at the DJ table! This short documentary was made by Maarten van der Glas, the VJ of Rebel Up!

10:15 p.m.> 23:00 “Rajasthan Live cinema”

Pictures from the street life in India (from the holy city of Pushkar, known for its camel market, fairground, street music and rituals) and taken mixed live by DJ & VJ M SebCat (Rebel Up!).This project will end this year on Sublime Frequencies as a compilation and DVD.


20:00 > 22:00 REBEL UP DJ’s

Onvermoeibaar hopt de drijvende kracht achter de Rebel Up dj’s van continent naar continent om voor deze avond halt te houden bij de rijke muzikale tradities van Indië. Er is meer muziek in India dan enkel Bollywood en spirituele raga’s, dus verwacht een alternatieve mix van ruige straatmuziek en schelle disco folk uit alle hoeken van India door de Rebel Up! dj’s.

22:00 > 23:00 Cinemusik (openlucht filmprojectie):

22:00 > 22:15  Documentaire Telluris project in Jharkhand.

De Belgische hulporganisatie Telluris helpt de Mundastammen bij het opzetten van eigen ecologische projecten in de bossen van Jharkhand in Noord India. Omdat deze Rebel Up! avond gratis is, hopen we geld in te zamelen voor Telluris dus doe een donatie in de pot bij de dj tafel! Deze korte documentaire is gemaakt door Maarten van der Glas, de VJ van Rebel Up!

22:15> 23:00  “Rajasthan Live cinema”

Sfeerbeelden uit het straatleven in India (uit de heilige stad Pushkar, ook gekend voor zijn kamelenmarkt, met kermis, straatmuziek en rituelen) genomen en live gemixt door VJ M & DJ SebCat (Rebel Up!). Dit project komt eind dit jaar uit op Sublime Frequencies als compilatie en dvd.

Ililta Band


Chalachew Ashenafi (vocals, masinqo)
Mesele Asmamaw (krar)
Mesale Legesse (kebero)

About as old as Ethiopia itself, are the so called Azmaris, the wondering troubadours. A special chapter in Ethiopian culture. These playfull improvisors give a critical, humerous and poetic edge to the Ethiopian society. But also on all other matters they are the ‘freedom of speech’.

These Azmaris, from Addis Abeba, play the three most important traditional instruments: the masinqo, the one string fiddle and bow; the krar, the 6 string harp; and the kobero, the traditonal drums from big tins and cowskin.

This soulfull music from Ethiopia is unique and stands out from everything, but is at the same time very swinging, dancable and forward, like a good rockband.