RebelUp! VJ M and Maga Bo collaborate on a video project


Our very own RebelUp! crew member VJ M and our beloved performer Live DJ/ producer Maga Bo have started a Kickstarter project to raise funds to work on new video’s for Maga Bo’s latest album ‘Quilombo do Futuro’. Three years in the making ‘Quilombo do Futuro’ takes Maga Bo closer to his new home Brasil. ‘Quilombo do Futuro’ delves into the rich Afro-Brazilian musical heritage and transports it into the 21st century.

Maarten van der Glas, a.k.a. VJ M, is known for his colorful and playful images on the RebelUp! Soundclash parties. He will bring his vision to two new music video’s for ‘Quilombo do Futuro’:for the song’s Galope and Xororô. In addition to that he will his technical skills to work on a new live video engine to be integrated with Maga Bo’s live audio set.

The project is totally self-funded. If you are interested please go to this page and get involved:

We will keep you updated!

Update: If you want to donate direcly via paypal, you can do so here, by pressing this donate button:

Here is a review to the album:


Here is the video detailing the project:

Maga Bo and VJ M – Video Collaboration Project from Maarten van der Glas on Vimeo.


sat. 29th oct > Rebel Up! Soundclash w/ DJ Ripley @ OCCII, A’dam


In these times of occupied financial centers, where humans turn into amplifiers for subversive thought, you’re probably out on the tramway dancing to the bongos of liberation. We too are dancing there until the last goatskin drum is serenely strung up with the guts of the last banker.  Meanwhile, we’re overjoyed to announce it’s also time for the next edition of Rebel Up! Soundclash with a special guest from San Francisco.


Having torn up dancefloors across continents since 1995, DJ Ripley unleashes bass frequencies at revolutionary volume in town squares, warehouses, ships, clubs, squats, universities, community centers and activist spaces. Her wide-ranging sets unseat musical and social preconceptions with a mind-blowing conversation between kuduro, juke, dubstep, cumbia, booty bass, dancehall, soca, 3bal, jungle, baile funk, garage, breakcore, bhangra and dub. //

As usual the Rebel Up! DJs will trigger their latest surprises and will accompany you through the night to unleash their musical encyclopedia of finest global tunes, from Angolan semba to Zanzibari taarab.

We never do it for the single reason of partying at the OCCII. The entrance fee is as usual reserved for a good cause which this time is the “Boats 4 People” project of the activist network Migreurop. As thousands of people died trying to reach Europe from North Africa in the Mediterranean Sea this summer, they are organizing a solidarity flotilla in early 2012 to raise awareness of this tragedy and denounce the criminalization of migration. “We have come to the conclusion that it is essential now to move to direct action in the light of the excessive number of shipwrecks taking place in the Mediterranean and the reluctance of Europe to concede entry to refugees. We call for a Mediterranean which is in solidarity with migrants and in opposition to repressive policies which seek to criminalise migration towards Europe more and more each day.”

 So come along and embrace the idea of dancing and sweating for a good reason.

— RebUp crew



Saturday 13th of August: Rebel Up! DJ Riquetik @ Landjuweel, Ruigoord


Tomorrow our sand digging nomad selector Riquetik will play a special early bird wake-up set at the Landjuweel festival in Ruigoord, from 12:00 to 14:00 outside -or in case of bad weather inside- the church. This year’s Landjuweel has plenty sonic space dedicated to world music, with live performances from Antwerp Gypsy Ska Orchestra and Jungle By Night and many fine DJs including Zerkalo and Polyesta. It also serves as a ‘futurological congress’ in which the prospects for cultural free spaces in and around Amsterdam will be discussed.  More info can be found in

Hope to see you there!


Rebel Up! Crew

Saturday 26th of February: Rebel Up! Soundclash All Included fundraiser with Sonido del Principe @ OCCII

When dictators fall, it’s time for sound systems call

The scent of rebellion is spreading throughout the world and even if Europe is still far from following the movement, Rebel Up feels like shaking the ground a bit. With our own tools, we’ll be bringing cutting edge platinum skills to keep your mind awake till late. Our combat will stand on stage and it will defy gravity from the lowest rebajada from Buenos Aires to the mash up bass of San Francisco, the fight shall be fair and you’ll have the chance to stand in the middle and take sides. So who’s gonna take a step for resistance ?

Sonido del Principe (NL) The great master of Cumbia and founder of Generation Bass will be here to remind us on good manners with sizzling cuts and mashups from every sounds, bleeps and natural noises that flow below the United States.

Process Rebel (US) Obviously this heavy bass champion will take care of the rest of the new continent and will allow himself some intrusions in Africa and even on the ground of his opponent. He’ll leave him no rest with his own tracks attacks. Dubstep in all its states. No mercy.

Rebel Up DJs/VJs shall make it even with its globetrotting permanent resolution, the sun is never down.

Tonight the profits of the entrance fee and your gifts in our donation box will go to the association All Included for their Caravane Bamako-Dakar project. This organization mainly helps deported people in Africa and struggles for more rights and freedom of circulation within the continent. In the beginning of this month they have done a march for African migration rights. They will show videos and photo’s during the night and info sheets will be available. In the meantime you can check for more infos here :

Saturday 26th of February @ OCCII





doors: 22.30 – 04.00 – Amstelveenseweg 134 (Tram 1 or 2)